The Best Way To Cook American Wagyu Steak

The Best Way To Cook American Wagyu Steak

If you are someone who is aware of their choices when it comes to beef, then you must know that it is very hard to top something like the top-grade American Wagyu steak. Be it for a Sunday brunch, an elegant dinner, or a barbecue spread, American Wagyu can be prepared in multiple ways to suit each condition. 

If you find it hard to get good quality American Wagyu steak from your local porterhouse then is always there for your beefy needs. In this article, we will be looking at some of the few classic ways of preparing Wagyu beef that enhances their flavor and texture to another level. 

Some of the Best American Wagyu Steak Preparation Ideas: 

There are different ways of preparing a classic dish with American Wagyu steak. Over time there have been many variations and evolutions but the following three preparations are all-time classics that can be enjoyed anytime. 

1. The seared NYC Wagyu Steak Wagyu steak is such a cut that can taste delicious even when it is simply seared in a pan. To start with, defrost the NYC Wagyu Steak and dry it with a paper towel. Then cover it up with salt and pepper. An iron skillet is all that you will need to get the perfect sear, preheat the skillet and add butter to it. 

When it starts to smoke, place the NYC Wagyu Steak on the pan. Keep cooking till there is a nice sear on both sides, keep in mind that overcooking can spoil the richness of the Wagyu. Finish the cooking by putting it in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 mins to get the perfect pink center of the steak. 

2. Braised short ribs – The trick to getting the perfectly cooked short ribs is to give them time. The meat here is tougher than other parts so it takes more time to get tender. 

First, use a Dutch oven to get the short ribs brown and then make the braising liquid. It usually consists of red wine, beef broth, and tomato. Set the semi-fried short ribs in the liquid and put them in an oven for 4 to 5 hours at 350 degrees to get the perfect juicy and tender short ribs. 

3. Smoked Wagyu sausages – Wagyu meat is known for its incredible marbleization, so it makes the perfect meat for making sausages. No additional fat is required, just ground the raw meat, mix it with necessary spices according to the flavor that you want, and fill it up in casings. Then put it on a grill to get that smoky flavor and once it’s done get a slight sear and make a hot dog or a Banh Mi sandwich with it. 


American Wagyu steak when prepared in any one of the above-mentioned three forms will be loved by each and every American. These dishes are a part of the American heritage and using Wagyu beef as the main element makes everything even better.

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